Amsterdam Bible Academy


I am Robert, affectionately known as ("Odehye" meaning a member of God's royal family).

A member of Presbyterian church in the Netherlands, I am presently serving my second and the last term of office as a Presbyter in our congregation in Amsterdam Zuidoost.

My studies at Amsterdam bible academy ( ABA ) has contributed tremendously to my understanding and effectiveness in ministries. 




I really regret all the years that I didn't begin earlier. 

The studies has enriched my knowledge of God and of the Word of God.

Since I am a teacher of the Word the studies really helped me in my ministry. 

It gave me tools to prepare my lessons much better. 

I want to encourage especial young ministers to take part in good teachings about the Word of God,  ABA can help you

Roberto is one of the leaders at Maranatha Ministries Amsterdam.